Lien Resolution

Ensuring transparency.

We offer premier compliance and lien resolution solutions to accompany our industry-leading claims administration services.  

In a class action settlement, a lien is a claim by a third-party on the profit of the settlement. Whether the lien is for financial institutions, governments, and small businesses, we are able to accommodate any type.  

The intersection of claims administration and lien resolution has long been confusing for many program participants and parties. Outdated and burdensome processes can create confusion, delay, and expense.  

BrownGreer offers the ability to simplify healthcare compliance and lien resolution. Doing so aligns with our mission to provide the best, most transparent service possible for all parties.  

We have developed a comprehensive and programmatic application to determine claimants’ entitlement to healthcare benefits and resolve their liens. This reduces or eliminates manual steps our competitors currently use. 

We operate a dedicated healthcare compliance and liens team, including legal and technical professionals with decades of experience in healthcare compliance and managing and executing complex settlements. With our combined expertise in notice, settlements, liens, and payments we are able to communicate with the party effectively with increased transparency.  

Complete Solutions for Complex Claims

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