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We offer a wide range of Communications Center options tailored to any program’s needs. 

We offer a wide range of Communications Center options tailored to any program’s needs. Whether it’s one-to-one assistance with Case Managers or a variety of call center and email configuration options, we customize our support to provide the highest level of service. 

Our U.S. based team members are well-versed in handling complex and sensitive matters. We provide nimble and varied communications services while following multifaceted protocols with diplomacy and tact. A sampling of these options include: 

  • Direct extension dialing for case managers and law firm contacts that allow participants to build a relationship with a program representative whom they can count on for consistent communication and assistance.   
  • Toll-free Call Centers with a variety of inbound and outbound service options, ranging from informational only, minimalist setups to handle basic inquiries or requests, all the way to complex call centers with agents available across multiple time zones to provide a wide range of coverage for nationwide programs.  We have experience managing call centers offering multiple language options. 
  • Monitored email communication options that allow program participants an alternative to calling and the ability to communicate with the program after business hours. 

We are skilled at crafting a setup to meet the needs of a program and can scale as the program needs change.  

Across all programs, we develop strict Communication protocols to ensure the safety of program information and guard against any unauthorized disclosures.  We implement quality control measures at every level of communications to ensure compliance and service levels.  

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