MDL Centrality

Powerful production.

Actionable insight.

MDL Centrality® offers a customizable technology suite that evolves along with regulations and litigation trends. Redefine the possibilities in litigation management with:

Powerful production. Our constantly advancing production tools are scalable to what your litigation requires. Never pay for unneeded features again.  

Actionable insight. Don’t let critical advantage get lost in the shuffle. Our system yields clarity from data and a pathway to your winning strategy.  

From anywhere. Our mobile friendly system means you can get updates from any place at any time.

As technology evolves and data sources become more varied, claims management and discovery have also become increasingly complex and more time consuming. We created MDL Centrality to help you find order in the chaos. 

MDL Centrality’s constantly evolving suite of technology tools powers your access to the critical data you need, whether it’s dozens or hundreds of thousands of Fact Sheets, tracking docket filings, identifying bellwether cases, scheduling medical exams or depositions, or hosting a repository for discovery documents.