QSF & Trust Administration

Ensuring certainty.

We provide Qualified Settlement Fund and trust administration services that ensure programs are handled with clarity and efficiency.  

We offer a full spectrum of Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) and trust administration services, whether assisting with the execution of QSF Administrator duties for a financial institution holding the settlement funds or by serving in the role as the designated QSF Administrator. 

We regularly collaborate with financial institutions who are the QSF administrator of record to ensure the full range of duties are handled appropriately. Such duties typically include handling Internal Revenue Service procedures and ensuring that applicable tax filings are prepared and submitted in a timely manner. We also ensure that the settlement funds are held and managed in accordance with the parties’ instructions and pursuant to the terms of the applicable settlement agreement. 

Additionally, BrownGreer serves as the primary QSF and trust administrators on many programs. In doing so, we work with financial institutions to ensure that funds are distributed efficiently while providing counsel with one-stop reporting on how those funds are being handled.  

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