Data Management & Security

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We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and security across each of our programs.

Our Data is Secure

We are committed to securing the data of our clients and claimants. We use multiple security controls such as firewalls, data encryption, malware protection and regular vulnerability and penetration assessments. 

BrownGreer prides itself on using cutting edge technology to maximize performance, security, and efficiency. Our team of seasoned architects, project managers, software developers, systems and network administrators, and information security officers identifies  each unique requirement of a project and  designs updates, and reports from custom-built, secure platforms. Our database applications track claim and litigation activity while also serving as tools to trigger claim processing events. And our customized, secure settlement portals allow for instantaneous exchange of information.  

Our firm has a dedicated, industry certified Information Security team that focuses on ensuring our environment meets or exceeds industry best practices to protect the sensitive and confidential data we are trusted to manage. Our Information Security Program is based on the framework detailed in NIST Special Publication 800-53 to provide a strong foundation to address both present and future security requirements, as well as any of our clients’ compliance and data security needs. 

 We have successfully completed an external SOC 2 examination. 

Our Data Enhances Programs

We understand the importance of having immediate access to reliable data that not only reports what has happened, but sheds light on what is yet to occur. We explore and examine our data to find hidden or subtle patterns from claims filed, reviews completed, and payments issued. We do this by employing sophisticated analytic programs, machine learning, OCR and statistical methods to prepare data for use in predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

We employ advanced metrics on all our review data to track complex data inputs and multiple levels of reviews across the claims process. These metrics track the statistical accuracy of each review and identify any areas requiring further evaluation before we deliver any results to the claimant. 

We perform rigorous levels of statistical analysis on all claim filings and document submissions to identify and prevent fraudulent activity with any program. 

By tracking each step in the review process and knowing exactly where all claims are, we can also predict when we will finish each program. 

Reporting plays a critical role at BrownGreer to ensure clients understand the data and solutions implemented. This process includes multiple tools to provide information to the public, displaying interactive data that is both individualized and summarized to create dashboard level reports for review. All our projects can include both external and internal stakeholders with reporting needs.

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