VIctims compensation

We create roadmaps that allow victims to experience some measure of resolution, while maintaining unimpeachable objectivity that ensures all parties are treated fairly.

A Foundational Principle

We treat each claimant with empathy, even when they number in the thousands.

At BrownGreer we create roadmaps that allow claimants in victims programs to experience some measure of resolution. For the past two decades, we have helped steer some of the nation’s most sensitive and complex programs toward successful resolution. 

Our work in this area began before BrownGreer, when Lynn Crowder Greer and Orran Brown, Sr. served in separate roles in the Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust. From their respective seats, each decided that the paradigm needed to shift toward allowing each claimant to receive compassionate treatment. It became BrownGreer’s foundational principle.  

Since then, our deep experience in this area has ranged from developing complex matrices to tasks as fundamental as listening to victims share their story. In a recent Catholic Diocese sexual abuse compensation program, Lynn spent hundreds of hours hearing from victims to understand their experiences and help them through the claims process.  

BrownGreer’s ability to treat each claimant with empathy is something we are proud to protect, even when they number in the thousands. Following the 2017 Harvest Music Festival mass shooting in Las Vegas, we were tasked with sorting 4,000 unique experiences equitably. We designed a points system that compared the magnitude of personal and economic loss that range from death to physical injuries and PTSD. Our specially trained, trauma-informed call center team ensured that each claimant received empathetic and clear communication throughout the process. 

We further developed our ability to serve claimants with complex injuries and other personal loss in our work on the Fire Victim Trust, stemming from a series of 2018 California wildfires. We dedicated hundreds of BG employees to reviewing and paying $17 billion in claims to 68,500 victims – thousands of whom lost everything they owned and were lucky to escape with their lives. 

Across our work in victims compensation programs, our priority is ensuring that we successfully bring the program to a conclusion for all involved. We place victims’ experiences and humanity first, while maintaining unimpeachable objectivity that ensures all parties are treated fairly. After two decades, it remains a core aspect of what we do. 

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