Court-Appointed Neutrals

Trusted with complexity.

Our attorneys have a reputation for fairly and efficiently navigating the range of issues presented in cases. 

We are adept at fulfilling all the responsibilities of a Court-Appointed Neutral, with appointments in this role on several significant cases. We have a reputation of fairly and efficiently navigating a range of issues presented in complex cases, including: 

  • Coordinating discovery 
  • Maintaining online discovery calendars 
  • Conducting status calls with the parties 
  • Issuing rulings and procedures 
  • Implementing plans 
  • Reporting to the court 
  • Addressing pre-trial and post-trial matters 

In each case where one of our attorneys has served as Special Master, we have been able to bring the collective skills and abilities of the entire firm to the table, leveraging our technology to ensure cases are on schedule and that all parties have access to the information they need. 

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