Notice Administration

The best methods for the most reach.

We use email, digital ads, direct mail, and more to ensure the success of our notice programs.

At A Glance

55+ million

Total notices issued across all programs

41+ million

Class notices issued across all programs

14+ million

Program notices issued

We design notice plans to reach class members in the best practicable manner and to inform them in clear terms of the existence of the proposed class litigation or settlement, how it affects them, their rights and obligations, the actions they may take, any deadlines for acting, and the consequences of acting or failing to act by the deadline.

We have issued millions of direct class notices by email, short-form postcards, and/or long-form letters or notice packets, and have developed and implemented publication or supplemental notice campaigns in a wide range of effective mediums.

In the course of administering multiple claims programs, we have also issued millions of review determination notices and courtesy or instructional notices to class members and their counsel.

“[T]he notice provided by BrownGreer was state of the art and well-tailored to reach the maximum number of class members.”

The Hon. James F. Holderman
U.S. District Judge, Northern District of Illinois
In re Capital One Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation, MDL No. 2416

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