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We have performed claims and notice administration tasks across dozens of the largest, most complex settlements in U.S. history. In doing so, we have also played a central role in designing the overall framework of how those programs have been structured, from the initial settlement agreements to the intricacy of injury matrices and final releases.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of areas where we help lay the framework of successful programs:

Settlement Agreement Consultation

Our involvement in a wide range of multiple claims scenarios makes us uniquely qualified to offer legal counsel on what type of resolution works and what does not. We can help analyze the best choice, negotiate the terms of the settlement, and draft the governing settlement agreement, notices, claim forms, and releases.

Claims Framework and Process Design

Our depth of experience allows us to quickly identify the ideal approach to a complex claim scenario. We apply our extensive knowledge in our analysis of each case and settlement, and can provide assistance in developing compensation frameworks and approaches. We design the processing steps, resource allocation, and systems integration to permit claims to move quickly and be determined fairly and efficiently, while minimizing transaction costs.

Lien and Third-Party Claims

We design procedures to address inquiries and claims from creditors and others who seek to share in the claimant’s recovery. We provide healthcare resolution services for a variety of lien types including; Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, Medicare Advantage, FEHBA, TRICARE, VA and private liens. BrownGreer also has a wealth of experience processing third party claims such as attorney fee disputes, child support, IRS liens, judgment liens, garnishments and security interests.

Website Design and Hosting

We establish and maintain settlement program websites that range from simply informational websites with links to essential program materials and frequently asked questions, to dynamic websites that allow Class Members to interact with the settlement program.

Anti-Fraud Controls

Our anti-fraud framework utilizes a three-pronged approach to preventing, detecting, and responding to fraudulent claim activity. We apply a holistic approach to identifying and measuring risk factors, and through rigorous data collection and analysis we identify trends in claim filings and outcomes that guide our detection and response strategies. BrownGreer has been awarded the Coin of Excellence from the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana for our work to implement processes for fraud detection analytics, review, and referral of fraudulent claims to law enforcement.

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