Recall Administration

When timing counts.

We have a dedicated team ready to handle recall matters from notice to replacement and beyond.  

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Turnkey Product Recalls

When a product needs to be recalled, time and clarity are essential. BrownGreer has extensive experience providing companies both time and clarity by informing their customers quickly and offering refunds or replacements efficiently.  

BrownGreer first stepped in to help a client with a recall need a decade ago. What began as a one-off project with temporary warehouse space has grown into a fully dedicated team with the skills to handle products ranging from consumer goods to industrial equipment. 

We regularly handle court-ordered and other recall notice for products with customers based around the globe, including website translation, web and print advertisements, emails, and mailings in dozens of languages to reach users in the most practical and efficient manner possible.  

Our warehouse team has handled hundreds of thousands of returned items and refunds or other claims. We also handle shipping replacement or other products to customers from our dedicated facility.  

Most importantly, we are adept at handling recalls with little turnaround time. Whether a company needs a website established or a full program with notice issued and shipping procedures in place, our team has set protocols to make recalls happen quickly. 

Our Recall Administration Checklist

1. Analysis of Customer Data

After a product recall decision is made, BrownGreer can analyze product sales and customer/purchaser data to begin to define the scale and reach of the recall.

2. Program Design

BrownGreer will coordinate to identify primary objectives, establish the scope of the product recall, define what benefits participants can receive, and build out the process for claim submission and evaluation.

3. Noticing

BrownGreer can issue recall notices to end users and/or distributors and also can design and execute paid media notice campaigns as appropriate within the U.S. and/or internationally.

4. Website and Registration Portal

Our in-house team of web developers, database architects, and information technology experts will design and build custom websites and systems for each recall.

5. Claims Review and Benefit Determination

We approach each program with a full appreciation of its specific and complex requirements. Typically, a claims review process will include a data entry element, review and verification of the data, and a determination about the claimant’s eligibility and benefits.

6. Claimant Support

Our dedicated and scalable in-house contact center provides a variety of customer service solutions,
ranging from self-service call centers to full-scale live agent support in multiple languages.

7. Product Receiving and Warehousing

BrownGreer has the experience and capacity to design and manage the shipping, return, and storage of any recalled or replacement products. We would create the processing steps to allow products to move quickly while minimizing costs.

8. Payments

We efficiently and effectively provide the full breadth of all payment-related tasks and responsibilities
needed to ensure the successful fulfillment of program payment needs.

9. Reporting

We can create ad hoc or regularly scheduled reports to share insights and results on claim filings, final payments, and everything in between.

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