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In two decades of working with claimants in disaster-related settlement programs, the specifics of what occurred have varied greatly. What has remained constant is our compassion, ability to adapt, and persistence in overcoming the obstacles in helping victims receive what they are owed. 

We have performed work as vast as opening 21 satellite offices across the Gulf Coast dedicated to reviewing and paying $12 billion across 291,000 claims stemming from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. We trained hundreds of reviewers in how to handle complex claims with empathy and grace, while never straying from established procedures. We were in constant contact with claimants, meeting them at their homes if necessary, working at a 24/7 pace to help make people whole again as many struggled to make ends meet. 

A decade later, we applied this experience in the Fire Victim Trust stemming from the 2015-2018 California wildfires that claimed 85 lives and nearly 19,000 structures. Thousands of victims lost everything they owned and were lucky to escape with their lives. To date, BrownGreer has awarded more than $19 billion across 71,000 claimants. 

No matter what event occurs – whether it involves tens of thousands of victims or a few dozen – BrownGreer brings our experience as lawyers and our unyielding desire to make the claims process as easy and navigable as possible. Our focus on these complex claims and our unimpeachable results has made us a go-to resource when the scale of what has occurred is either too vast or too difficult for others to handle. 

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