Case Study

NFL Concussion Settlement

BrownGreer serves as the administrator in a 65-year program established to resolve claims relating to the alleged brain injury effects from the concussive impacts experienced by former NFL players.

Key Statistics

$11.4 billion

Uncapped fund

$1.25 billion

Payable monetary award amounts


Registered class members


BAP appointments scheduled

The NFL Concussion Settlement program went into effect in 2017 to resolve the NFL Players’ Concussion Injury Litigation, MDL No. 2323.

As the Claims Administrator in the NFL Concussion Settlement, BrownGreer oversees the intake, processing, and payment of claims for six different qualifying medical diagnoses. We established a network of Qualified MAF Physicians and coordinate with the Court and its Special Masters in implementing all aspects of the program. We became the Baseline Assessment Program (BAP) Administrator in 2023.

The Settlement program was initially plagued with suspicions of potentially fraudulent claims. We implemented fraud prevention and detection processes that addressed these concerns, while assuring that payments are made to eligible claims. We coordinate with local law enforcement officials and the DOJ regarding our findings of potential fraud and provide trial assistance as needed.

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