MDL Centrality FAQ

  1. How can I request a demonstration of MDL Centrality? Contact us directly to receive a one-on-one demonstration of MDL Centrality and learn more about how the features can be tailored to meet your litigation needs.
  2. Can I talk to someone about MDL Centrality? Yes! We are happy to speak with you about MDL Centrality. Contact us today to schedule a telephone conference to speak with an MDL Centrality expert.
  3. How much does MDL Centrality cost and who pays for it? There is a flat fee associated with each submitted Fact Sheet. Where there is no defendant Fact Sheet, this cost may be split evenly.
  4. What if my firm doesn’t need all of the MDL Centrality features? Only use (and pay) for what you need. All features of MDL Centrality can be used independently of each other. Contact us to learn more about MDL Centrality can be customized to fit your needs.
  5. When is the right time to use MDL Centrality? MDL Centrality can be used during all phases of discovery, litigation and case management. After being a part of countless litigations, we’ve seen an array of approaches and can provide insights if MDL Centrality is involved early. Contact us to learn if it’s the right time to implement some MDL Centrality features.
  6. How are Fact Sheets signed by plaintiffs? Fact Sheets can be signed electronically by attorneys or plaintiffs at the time of submission. Plaintiffs can also upload a hard copy signature page if the parties prefer a handwritten signature.
  7. Who has access to Fact Sheet data? The court, lead defense counsel, and the plaintiff’s steering committee could have access to all Fact Sheet data and records. Individual law firms have access only to the data and records for their own clients. This will match the parties’ agreement and court orders.
  8. How do plaintiffs without a computer complete a Fact Sheet? Plaintiffs without a computer or internet access can provide a hard copy Fact Sheet to the plaintiff’s steering committee or to BrownGreer for data entry.
  9. Can plaintiffs’ attorneys provide Fact Sheet data in a spreadsheet? Yes, MDL Centrality has a bulk upload feature that allows a firm to upload certain Fact Sheet information using our bulk import spreadsheet. Firms also can invite their clients to complete the Fact Sheet online by using a temporary user ID and password.