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Vioxx Settlement

BrownGreer served as the Claims Administrator in the nationwide settlement program for claims relating to Vioxx.

Key Statistics

$4.85 billion




BrownGreer was selected by the parties and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana to serve as the Claims Administrator for the entire $4.85 billion nationwide settlement program for claims relating to Vioxx, the painkiller manufactured by Merck and withdrawn from the market in 2004 amid allegations of heart attacks and strokes caused by the drug.

In this role since November 2007, we provided full processing and resolution services to implement the November 9, 2007 Settlement Agreement reached by the parties for the nearly 60,000 claims arising from Vioxx use.

BrownGreer moved more than 20,000 heart attack claims from start to finish in nine months, including appeals. We designed the eligibility criteria and administered two funds with $300 million available to pay extraordinary injury claims, which included claims for lost income resulting from disability.

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