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Two people looking at computer screenSuccessful programs hinge on immediate access to reliable data that not only reports what has happened, but sheds light on what is yet to occur. You need to know more than just the number of claims filed, reviews completed, and payments issued, and we understand the importance of reporting beyond merely tracking data. We assess all requirements and processes of each program we administer to develop standardized and ad hoc reports delivered through a variety of mechanisms, from custom designed web portals to secured file transfer systems, so you are not left searching for the information you need.

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Program Summary Reporting

Throughout the life of any program, we create daily, weekly and/or monthly dashboard reports for all interested parties. We design these reports for your needs so you know exactly where the program stands without digging through hundreds of pages of reports to find the bottom line.
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Publicly Reported Statistics

Many settlement programs require a certain extent of public visibility into the progress of the program’s administration. We make this information available in an easy to understand presentation allowing the media, government officials or any other interested observers to gain satisfaction with the progression of the program.
Claimant and Law Firm Reports

Claimant and Law Firm Reports

We will create specialized reports for claimants to view on the status of their own claims. For Law Firms representing multiple claimants, we will also create summary and detail reports identifying where all of their claims are in the review process. Tracking this data further allows us to have specific reports on each claimant and law firm available at the click of a button for our call center representatives to answer questions quickly and easily.
Internal Management Report Reports

Internal Management Reports

If a step exists in the claims review process, we know how to track it. From claim filings to final payments and every step in between, we create specific management reports allowing us to know where each claim is located in the process, how much we have done to date and how much remains. We make these reports readily available to all interested parties, ensuring successful management of the program.
Advanced Quality Assurance Metrics Graphic

Advanced Quality Assurance Metrics for Delivering Accurate Review Results

We know that any claims review process can involves complex data inputs and multiple levels of review. For this reason, we employ advanced metrics on all of our review data. These metrics track the statistical accuracy of each review and identify any areas requiring further evaluation before we deliver any results to the claimant.
Statistical Trending to prevent fraud graphic

Statistical Trending to Prevent Fraud

We perform rigorous levels of statistical analysis on all claim filings and document submissions to identify and prevent fraudulent activity with any program.
Predictive Analysis Graphic

Predictive Analysis

By tracking each step in the review process and knowing exactly where all claims are at all times, we can report not only how much we have done on any program, but we can also predict when we will finish each program. Our detailed analysis will help you predict when claimants will respond, when we will finish reviewing each claim and when all payments will be distributed.

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