Stay Informed on the Latest Case Developments with MDL Centrality

Docket Central Screen

Key Features:

  • Storage of all pleadings in a Federal proceeding filed in the Court ECF System
  • Receive immediate notification of new ECF filings
  • Access and search pleadings by filer name, document, or docket number without incurring an additional charge

MDL Centrality can access, download, and store pleadings filed by all parties or the court in the Federal Court ECF System. Pleadings are automatically downloaded directly from the Court’s PACER system without requiring you to upload pleadings separately to MDL Centrality. MDL Centrality can also categorize the pleading using information such as the name of the person who filed the document, the docket number, and the date the document was filed. As a registered user, you receive email alerts of new items in the docket, and you can search for and access pleadings without any additional charge.