Diversity and Inclusion

Mission Statement

BrownGreer recognizes the importance of recruiting, supporting, and promoting employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to creating an environment that is as diverse as the community in which we work. We believe that a culture which respects and values diversity enhances the services we provide to our clients and creates an understanding and open workplace where our employees can thrive. Our Diversity Committee ensures that we incorporate the inclusion of people of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and preferences in all aspects of our business practices. This culture of inclusion allows us to maintain a diverse workforce that contributes to our community and continues our reputation as one of the top places to work in the area.

To ensure the recruitment, promotion, and inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds, the mission of the Diversity Committee is to:

  1. Develop recruitment initiatives that maintain our diverse workforce.
  2. Promote diversity in our community and foster an inclusive environment within the firm.
  3. Implement Business Development initiatives that reflect our commitment to diversity.
  4. Contribute to the growth of BrownGreer’s employee and business relationships.

Committee Leadership:

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Frank Trani


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Rae Cousins

Senior Counsel
Diversity Committee Co-Chair

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Sydney Gustafson

Senior Counsel
Diversity Committee Co-Chair

For additional information about BrownGreer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, email: BrownGreer Diversity.

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