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Katie joined BrownGreer in 2007 and has worked on a wide range of programs. Katie graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. At BrownGreer, Katie has utilized her degree and gained extensive experience in the communications field. She served as a communication liaison for hundreds of contacts spanning numerous projects. In addition, Katie manages high volumes of email communications, and assists in delivering and explaining official notices sent as part of the claims review process. Most recently, Katie has continued her communications work on MDL Centrality matters which include Xarelto, Zofran and Pradaxa. In addition to communications, Katie wrote the training manual for the MDL Centrality Portals and provided training to firms on use of the MDL Centrality Portal. In addition, she assisted in the design and implementation of portal functionality and the Plaintiff Fact Sheet and Defendant Fact Sheet production process.

Katie’s current role is Senior Analyst. She enjoys providing and maintaining a high level of customer service, streamlining processes to maximize efficiency, and working with the programmers to develop innovative processes for tracking communications.

Education & Honors

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, B.S., 2004

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