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John provides leadership, management and direction for all aspects of facility management and purchasing and logistics. Serving as the team lead for the facilities department, John offers strategic operational advice and leadership in regards to the firm's office maintenance, environment and safety, as well as a variety of other facilities related issues important to BrownGreer. John encourages environmentally conscience initiates within BrownGreer facilities and ensures that the facilities at all of our locations operate smoothly and efficiently. John also oversees all travel coordination for the company.

John joined BrownGreer as a Claims Specialist in 2002.

Education & Honors

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, B.S., 1999

BrownGreer's team of attorneys, analysts, programmers, and reviewers leads the industry in claims administration, settlement administration, and data management solutions. A settlement administrator distinguished by its talent, innovation, and cutting edge technologies, BrownGreer designs and implements complex mass claims processes that can involve millions of claimants and billions of dollars in settlement funds.

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