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Since joining BrownGreer as a claims reviewer in 2008, Jessie has been involved in all aspects of the claims review process. Jessie helps to lead and manage a team responsible for designing, implementing and reviewing claimant notifications to ensure claimants receive accurate and timely information. In addition, Jessie assists in the design, testing, development and quality control of web-based review portals. Jessie works closely with the programming team to implement new review portal processes and functionalities to accommodate client and settlement program requirements.

Education & Honors

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, B.S., Advertising and Sociology, 2008

BrownGreer's team of attorneys, analysts, programmers, and reviewers leads the industry in claims administration, settlement administration, and data management solutions. A settlement administrator distinguished by its talent, innovation, and cutting edge technologies, BrownGreer designs and implements complex mass claims processes that can involve millions of claimants and billions of dollars in settlement funds.

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