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At BrownGreer, Bob supervises an experienced and proficient team of developers who have designed and implemented a claim management system handling more than 10 million claimants. He was instrumental in the design and success of webCARS – the web-based system currently handling more than 500,000 claims. His background includes not only the management of multiple environments (mainframe, midrange, PC and web-based) but also extensive development in these environments using a variety of databases. Well versed in many aspects of IT development, he has successfully designed and developed systems from many functional areas over the past 25 years, covering all phases of the SDLC and many functional areas, including: claims adjudication, human resource modeling, financial tracking, computer aided facility management, marketing systems, health Medicaid/Medicare; and industrial manufacturing.

Prior to joining BrownGreer, Bob was the Project Manager for implementation with the Kentucky and Louisiana Medicaid Program. He led a team of eight developers in customizing and interfacing state data into the Medicaid Window’s application. He led Rapid Application Development (RAD) meeting with state managers and members of the development team to successfully implement changes. He also served as the project manager of an Oracle Financial Implementation project for. He managed a cross-functional team consisting of sub-prime, prime and government employees to identify and interface the Oracle Financial production into the workings of the county. In his other activities, Bob has been published in a distinguished Business magazine and has had guest appearances for local and national media within the technology industry.

Education & Honors

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, B.S., Information Systems


  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2003

BrownGreer's team of attorneys, analysts, programmers, and reviewers leads the industry in claims administration, settlement administration, and data management solutions. A settlement administrator distinguished by its talent, innovation, and cutting edge technologies, BrownGreer designs and implements complex mass claims processes that can involve millions of claimants and billions of dollars in settlement funds.

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